Heatseal Dispersions

EUKALIN heatseal Dispersions - individual and reliable

The number of water-based adhesives for flexible packaging systems is steadily increasing worldwide. Heatseal dispersions from EUKALIN do not contain any solvents or phthalates. They offer excellent processing properties and a maximum of product safety. EUKALIN heatseal dispersions can be applied by pump in circulation or feed on demand. They can be processed in gravure, flexo or offset printing as well as on laminating machines. The excellent moistening ensures an optimum print result, even with the smallest contact points.

EUKALIN heatseal dispersions are characterized by a high solid content. This enables drying temperatures of less than 60°C– ideal for shrink sleeve finishing.

Activation temperatures ≥ 75°C provide reliable adhesion on many plastics, glass, metal and even wood. Furthermore most of our heatseal dispersions are completely block-free – even against themselves. Suitable substrates are PP, PET, PS and PVC. Also sealable paper can be produced.

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015

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