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Adhesives for Print & Print finishing

Adhesives play a connecting role in print and print finishing. And since it often involves the production of long runs, economical production with consistently high quality is all the more important. We offer you a broad product portfolio of customized solutions for mailings, books, bookbinding, fold gluing in rotary printing and form sets. Optimized for difficult surfaces and precise machine running at high speeds.

Whether as fold gluing, card gluing, card doubling or cheque card gluing: adhesives play an important role in the production of mailings. EUKALIN products master every joining task and reliably fulfil them even with demanding materials.

Whatever the job is...

Fold gluing

Card gluing

Card doubling

Carrier tape gluing

Check-card gluing

...EUKALIN bonds it well

Remoist gumming

Pressure-sensitive gumming

Coldseal coating

Heatseal coating

Adhesives for direct mail at a glance:

precise bonding

good layflat

suitable for different materials

low-splash, trouble-free machine run

strong wet tack

economical consumption

fast setting

low migration

high viscosity stability

From handcrafted perfect binding to high-tech gluing on high performance bookbinding lines — bookbinding jobs require Special Adhesives depending on process and material.

Our EUKALIN adhesives for bookbinding are specifically designed for each process step. Our close cooperation with machine manufacturers and raw material suppliers also assures optimal efficiency in your production environment.

Books continue to be highly popular despite television, movies and DVDs. We offer adhesives in various compositions for the entire book production process. For this purpose, the adhesives are individually adapted to your production conditions, providing trouble-free and efficient production along with optimal results.

Adhesives for the entire production process at a glance:

Spine gluing

Perfect binding

Side gluing

Crepe paper-/Endpaper


Cover making

suitable for different materials

high sheet-edge adhesion

High precise gluing

low splash, trouble-free machine run

high adhesion

easy cleanup of machine parts

economical consumption

EUKALIN special adhesives for rotary fold gluing convince even in high-tech environments with their outstanding properties.

Adhesives for fold gluing in rotary printing at a glance:

for high speeds

for longitudinal and cross-web gluing

low-splash, trouble-free machine run

suitable for different materials

easy cleanup of machine parts

economical consumption

high adhesion

Continuous forms can be produced in longitudinal, cross or block gluing and combine a wide variety of materials. Our EUKALIN special adhesives can therefore be adapted exactly to the gluing and material combination you require. This enables trouble-free production and high-quality end products.

Adhesives for continous forms at a glance:

suitable for different materials

low splash, trouble-free machine run

for all common systems

easy cleanup of machine parts

high precise gluing

economical consumption

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