Hotmelt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

EUKALIN hotmelt pressure sensitive adhesives - tailored for every application

Hotmelt pressure sensitive adhesives (HMPSA) differentiate from “standard” hotmelts by their almost infinitely long open time – they are surface sticky. PSA hotmelts are composed of thermoplastic polymer mixtures which are applied melted and form a bond, seal or permanent adhesive film during cooling – without additional thermal, chemical or photochemical activation. The 100 % solids content eliminates the need for complex drying or extraction of solvents.

EUKALIN hotmelt pressure sensitive adhesives are known for their high adhesive strength. They adhere to polar, non-polar or partly moist surfaces and are resistant to water and moisture. In addition, EUKALIN pressure sensitive hotmelt adhesives (HMPSA) have low TVOC (total volatile organic compounds), can be applied with low application weights and, depending on the application, they can be removed from the substrates without leaving residues due to their sufficiently high cohesion.

However you want to apply hotmelt pressure sensitive adhesive, whether your substrates are pre-treated, whether you die-cut their coatings afterwards, whether you have special rheological requirements or require further functionalities (flame retardants, UV absorbers, pigments, optical brighteners, etc.): EUKALIN offers you HMPSA tailored to your needs for example for booklet labels or finger-lift tapes.

And if we do not have your desired adhesive: EUKALIN develops your personal pressure sensitive hotmelt – customized to your application!

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