• good condensation-water resistance
  • good consumption values
  • optional vegan
  • excellent ice-water resistance
  • suitable for one-way and returnable containers
  • optional recyclable
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Adhesives for labelling

Labels on bottles, cans, plastic containers and cardboard boxes in areas such as the food, pharmaceutical, paint and varnish industries are both brand identifiers and advertising media. Labels must reflect the quality of the product and be securely attached, and, in the case of reusable packaging, they must also be easily removable. The ever-increasing throughput rates of labeling machines present an added challenge. Therefore choosing the right label adhesive plays an important part in production as well as at the point of sale later on.

EUKALIN offers suitable adhesives for all your labeling requirements. Whether for bottles, plastic containers or cans – we have the right product. We cooperate closely with the machine and label-paper manufacturers in order to assure excellent labeling results. Besides technological and marketing requirements for labeling adhesives, our products also meet the ever more stringent legal requirements in the areas of occupational health and safety and food safety as well as sustainability.

Label adhesives at a glance for:

glass bottles, plastic containers, metal cans and cardboard packaging

high-speed machines and slower systems

paper and plastic labelling

water-based adhesives and hotmelts

beverages, cans, chemical and pharmaceutical products

condensation-proof and icewater-proof

rotary systems, inline and semi-automatic machines

solutions for disposable and reusable packaging

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015

Dear Sir or Madam,

We would like to inform you that EUKALIN Spezial-Klebstoff Fabrik GmbH, Eschweiler Germany, took over the adhesives business for the envelope industry from Paramalt Veendam B.V., Veendam Netherlands, as part of an asset deal. This business segment of Paramelt covers all European activities with the customers of the envelope industry.

With this step, Paramelt continues to focus strategically on its established core business and thus separates from the envelope business.

With the acquisition of this business, EUKALIN will take over the support of customers and the further development of products. This strengthens the business with customers in the envelope industry, which is one of EUKALIN’s core activities. At the same time, the management is making a clear commitment to remain active in this market in the future.

With this acquisition in EUKALIN’s more than 115-year history, the family-owned company is expanding its fundament. This will ensure that the manufactur of Special Adhesives can continue on its chosen course of growth. Thanks to closely cultivated customer relationships, fast deliveries and customized solutions, customers in 128 countries rely on EUKALIN’s Special Adhesives, which are manufactured centrally in Eschweiler Germany, so that the technical standard is identical worldwide.

We are looking forward to a further good cooperation and remain

with kind regards
Spezial-Klebstoff Fabrik GmbH

The terrible storms have heavily damaged our region. EUKALIN was fortunately untouched, but with regret we have followed the effects of the storm and our thoughts are with the victims and the courageous emergency services and all supporters!