• softener free or low migration adhesives
  • high wet tack and fast setting behavior
  • perfect machine running characteristics
  • reliable bonding of different materials
  • clean and precise processing
  • good cleaning properties
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Adhesives for packaging

Whether for books, foodstuffs or pharmaceuticals: Every product requires specific packaging and outer packaging. EUKALIN offers a broad product portfolio of Special Adhesives for many packaging tasks: from folding cartons to outer packaging, ream packaging, moving cartons and folding cartons to the securing of pallets.

Are you interested in the appropriate adhesives for your ambitious customers to produce packaging from solid board or corrugated board? We offer our products tailored to the application process, the used materials and the legal requirements in the respective industry.

low-splashing adhesives for disc application

high-performance adhesives for nozzle systems with clean tear-off and best restart behavior

adjusted adhesion for simple or refined surfaces

excellent wet tack and fast setting behavior for high machine speeds

optimized running characteristics for all types of roller systems

perfect cleaning

excellent layflat properties

universal adhesives for a wide range of film types

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015

The terrible storms have heavily damaged our region. EUKALIN was fortunately untouched, but with regret we have followed the effects of the storm and our thoughts are with the victims and the courageous emergency services and all supporters!