EUKALIN hotmelts- from APAO to EVA and PE

Hotmelts are binding agents which are applied as a molten mass and obtain their adhesive strength through solidification or crystallization. These 100% solid thermoplastics bind only physically and are highly resistant to water and moisture. In addition to the melting properties, special attention is paid to the wetting properties of the melt and the curing properties of the amorphous or semi-crystalline formulations.

EUKALIN hotmelts are solvent-free, consist of 100% of solid matter and offer outstanding processing properties. Adapted to your line speed and depending on the respective application, EUKALIN adapts parameters such as the open or setting time especially for you.

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015

The terrible storms have heavily damaged our region. EUKALIN was fortunately untouched, but with regret we have followed the effects of the storm and our thoughts are with the victims and the courageous emergency services and all supporters!