• high-performance adhesives available for blank sheet or reel (Web and die cut)
  • side and bottom flap adhesives for various requirements
  • from satin liner to inserting envelopes
  • adhesives for all closing flap types
  • window gum for all window film types
  • Seal gum based on resin or resin-dextrin blend
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envelopes, rigid and catalogue envelopes

From small to large oversized pockets, standard envelopes or liner reinforced envelopes, EUKALIN offers the most advanced adhesives for use on the largest variety paper stock, film and foil stock. Along the entire converting process, whether it be seal gumming, windowing, extrusion or rotary side seam, EUKALIN Special Adhesives assures outstanding bonding and efficient production. STICK WITH EUKALIN.

Envelope and open-end pocket adhesives at a glance

Window patching

side seam and bottom seam gumming

seal flap gumming

EUKALIN’s synthetic resin dispersions are distinguished by their particularly strong wet tack that assures optimal window patching results. Whether glassine, polystyrene, propylene or PET, the film bonds quickly and precisely. The used EUKALIN adhesives in this application show excellent viscosity and gumbox stability and are fast-setting. The most varied material bonds will have excellent layflat quality. This assures low slinging/throwing and trouble-free machine run, even at high machine speeds.

Adhesives for window patching at a glance:

precise bonding

high viscosity stability

suitable for different materials

good layflat

strong wet tack

low splash, trouble-free machine run

fast setting

economical consumption

EUKALIN’s synthetic resin dispersions for bottom and side seam gumming are characterized by very short setting times and optimized production behavior. So you can rely on safe and clean low-splash, trouble free production even by using modern, high-speed application systems. We thereby assure optimal results — a clear competitive advantage for you.

Adhesives for side seam and bottom seam gumming at a glance:

for systems with gummer/cliché or extrusion application

high viscosity stability


precise bonding

excellent layflat

clean and low-splash machine run

EUKALIN offers special adhesives for all seal flap gumming methods. For the remoist flap you can obtain either pure synthetic adhesives or dextrin based formulations. For peel and seal envelopes we offer both hotmelt adhesive and cold glue. Premium latex adhesives for self-seal gumming round off our adhesive range.

All EUKALIN adhesives set very fast and assure secure bonds. The gumming remains functional even after extended storage. Finally, our low-maintenance seal-gum adhesives insure the most efficient production, even at high speeds.

Adhesives for seal flap gumming at a glance:

high adhesion

good layflat

long-term sealgum integrity

clean processing


easy cleanup of machine parts

high blocking resistance

economical consumption

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ISO 14001:2015

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